The original 6 emotions

The original six recognized emotions are: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise.

After I found out about my husbands infidelities I experience 5 of those 6 emotions on a daily basis for a very, very long time.  But we made it through all of that and I’m happy to report that my emotions are regularly in the happiness orbit most of the time now.

I got through those 5 emotions, but there is a secondary emotion that I’m not sure any relationship can truly rebound from.  It takes disgust and anger and churns it into one big, powerful & gross feeling.  That intense mixture makes you feel like you are better than the person you hold that feeling toward.  It is a feeling so overpowering that it makes you see the other person as so little and useless that it wouldn’t matter to you if they disappeared altogether.  This feeling is contempt.

During all of the pain and suffering I felt over the past 7 year I never went so far as to feel contempt.  There were times I wanted to ACT better, but that is not to be confused to thinking I AM better.  I could get angry and sad but never saw my husband as anything but an equal who is very sick and made a big mistake.


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