Chances Are…

It’s absolutely amazing to me how I just seem to hit one pothole after the next of late.  If you follow my blog you will know I was having a biopsy a couple of weeks ago.  It seems I have something called P-LCIS which they call “Stage 0” breast cancer.  I never realized there was such a thing – but alas, I have it.  So they will do an MRI and then remove the area and look at it closer to make sure there is nothing else of interest join on and that should be that. But the issue with LCIS is it increases my long term chances of invasive breast cancer to about 50% (this takes into account a few other factors which had put me in slightly higher risk categories).   I’ve seen 3 doctors and their opinions are  1) just do the lumpectomy and then wait and see 2) do the lumpectomy and add Fosamax and then wait and see 3) get a double mastectomy and be done with it.  The good news is that there is no rush to make a decision.  Assuming the MRI is OK, the LCIS can not spread.  But in the end I will have to weigh risks against risks and decide what to do.  

I hear that the risk of sex addicts relapsing is around 90%.  My husband relapsed before.  He may relapse again.   90% certainly isn’t a pretty number but it sounds about right considering how hard sobriety of any sort can be.  But he is making lifestyle changes and doing everything in his power NOT to relapse.  The numbers can’t convince me that he will. 

The bottom line is that my risk of anything in life is about 50/50.  I will either get cancer or I won’t.  He will relapse or he won’t.  We will move to Kentucky, or win a lottery or live to 90 or we won’t.  Statistics are just numbers and I refuse to to let them scare me into making any decision I am uncomfortable with.  I am not going to let a percentage increase my stress level – because if I do let the stress and worry take over my life – then I am pretty sure I will fall on the wrong side of the 50.


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