I am thankful for…a new tradition

When I first found out about my husband’s affair it was early November 2007 and Thanksgiving was just a few weeks away.  I made the declaration there was no way in hell that I was going to celebrate that holiday with him.  I told him – and myself – that I had nothing to be thankful for.  Since we live far away from our families, it meant that even if we weren’t eating turkey, we were still stuck with each other for the day.  Luckily, we live in a city that doesn’t shut down for the holiday so I decided that in lieu of a traditional celebration, we should instead go to the LA Auto Show – it seemed like a good distraction.  

Cut to 2013, my husband and I just got back from the annual auto show and are joyously preparing our holiday meal for 2.  How funny that all these years later, we still go to the car show every year on Thanksgiving morning.  It’s become a part of our holiday tradition, just another example of the power of love and forgiveness.

To those who are struggling with not wanted to acknowledge this day or it’s meaning…I hope you can find your way through it with some sense of grace and thankfulness.


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